Death Tithi Calculator 2021

death tithi calculator 2021

The death tithi calculator can help you determine the tithi of death for a person. To use the calculator, enter the date and time of death, and the calculator will return the tithi of death. The death tithi is an essential part of Hindu funeral rites, and this calculator can help you ensure that all the rites are performed correctly.

What is the death tithi calculator, and what does it do?

A death tithi calculator is an astrological tool that predicts the day on which a person will die. It is used to calculate the nirvana tithi, which is the day a person’s soul will achieve moksha or liberation from the cycle of reincarnation.

The calculation is based on the person’s date of death, time of death, and place of death. The death tithi can be calculated using one of two methods: the standard method or the modified method. The common method considers all three factors, while the modified method only considers the person’s date of Death and Time of Death.

Why death tithi is done?

There are many benefits to doing a death tithi. It may also help the individual’s soul achieve moksha or liberation from the cycle of rebirth.

Many people believe that it is important to adhere to the death tithis as they are said to be prescribed by the God of Death, Yama. It is believed that if the tithi is not followed, then Yama will be angry and could cause family members much grief or even death himself may come for the soul.

How to use the death tithi calculator?

The death tithi calculator can calculate the death anniversary of a loved one. To use the calculator, you will need to know the person’s death date, time of death, and death city. You can also enter the person’s name and gender. Once you have entered all the necessary information, press the “Calculate” button to calculate the death anniversary.

The benefits of the death tithi calculator:

The death tithi calculator has several features that make it a valuable tool for Hindu funeral rites.

  • It can help you ensure that all the rites are performed correctly.
  • It can help you calculate the death anniversary of a loved one.
  • It can help you determine the best time to perform the rites.
  • It can help you choose the right mantras for the occasion.
  • It can help you select the appropriate offerings for the deceased.
  • It can help you determine the most auspicious day for the funeral. Seventh, it can help you calculate the death tithi for a specific day.

How accurate is the death tithi calculator?

The death tithi calculator is more than 90% accurate when used with the standard method. The accuracy of the modified method is not as well known but is generally accepted to be lower.

Find the date and time of death for a person:

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who is malvika in anupama serial


With the success of show Anupama and the exit of the character “Malvika” from the show. People ask, who is Malvika in Anupama serial?

Anupama is a show that premiered on 13 July 2023 on Star Plus. It is also available digitally on Disney+. It has been produced by Rajan Shahi under his own production company, Director’s Kut Productions.

It stars Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna, and Sudhanshu Pandey in the lead roles. It is based on the show Sreemoyee that airs on Star Jalsha.


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// Anupama has a significant share of the viewer ratings on TV. It has dominated the TRP charts for a long time and kept its audience engrossed.

Anupama Plot

Anupama is a housewife and the central character in the show. She is devoted to her family. Time and again, she is humiliated for being a mere housewife and having an incomplete degree and education.

Anupama had a one-sided lover in her college friend Anuj Kapadia. This successful business tycoon returns from the USA to India. He loved Anupama and jealousy seethed in his heart when he saw Anuj and Anupama spending time together.

Anuj’s team liked Anupama’s restaurant idea, and he offered her a partnership deal. Vanraj became upset. Regardless, Anupama signs the contract and becomes a partner.

Meanwhile, Nandini’s obsessive former boyfriend returned to win her back and attempted Samar and Anupama’s murders. He was caught red-handed by Anuj.

Tired of the taunts, Anupama moves out of the house. She and Samar move into a rented house. They are subsequently made to sign the property papers by Gopichandra and Kavya, respectively. Eventually, Anuj confesses his feelings for Anupama, and she realizes she feels the same. They continue their friendship.

Later, Kavya reveals that she tricked everyone into signing their property over to her. Vanraj gets revenge by getting her a divorce. However, Kavya refuses to leave Vanraj. Meanwhile, Anuj gets injured while fighting the goons following him, and Anupama realizes her feelings for him.

She decides to stay at his place until he fully recovers. However, he is like a new man and launches a business, Vanika Teamworks. To everyone’s surprise, he partners with a girl named Malvika.

Who is Malvika in Anupama serial

Let us finally answer the question: who is Malvika in the Anupama serial?

Malvika “Mukku” Kapadia: Anuj’s younger foster sister; GK’s foster daughter; Vanraj’s ex-business partner and former mistress; she’s a sweet fun loving girl who used to work with Vanraj in an attempt to start her own business venture.

She loves her brother immensely and enjoys spending time with Anupama and their family. Still, deep down, she is possessive towards her brother and mentally unwell because of her traumatic and abusive married life.


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// After starting her business with Vanraj, she became infatuated with him, then trapped herself in his love trap by listening to the half-truths about his marriages.

Later, she breaks her partnership with Vanraj after realizing her mistake and allows Anuj to choose his own partner for the sake of Shahs. However, she fires Vanraj, along with Kavya and Paritosh, due to their non-professionalism and insensitive behavior towards Anupama and Anuj.

Aneri Vajani Biography

The cast of Malvika in Anupama serial in Aneri Vajani.

Aneri Vajani is an Indian actress who gained fame for her portrayal of Nisha Gangwal in Nisha Aur Uske Cousins. She gained further exposure by playing Saanjh Mathur in Beyhadh.


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// Currently, she is Malvika in Anupama serial.. Aneri Vajani was born on 26 March 1994 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, to parents who were Indian Television actors.

Aneri Vajani Career

From her supporting role in Kaali: Ek Punar Avatar, Aneri stepped into the spotlight in Crazy Stupid Ishq, a youth-oriented Channel V series. Her style and her spirited performance made her a popular and memorable character.

Aneri played a fashionista named Shanaya on the popular show. She used the magic of acting to bring out shades in the character that had not been there before.

The chemistry between her and co-star Vishal Vashishtha was exciting for fans to watch. The show was a big hit, and she became a star overnight. Aneri, hoping to earn her fans’ respect with another hit, had a different idea. She signed Nisha Aur Uske Cousins. Star Plus, riding high on its ‘Nayi Soch’ initiative, launched a youth show to encourage a more open mindset and creativity.

Aneri portrayed the character of Nisha on TV, and she was very different from the usual leading ladies. For one thing, Nisha didn’t hesitate to climb up a cliff or set offenders straight on the road.

She was also loving, spending her free time with her family. This character made her a household name and garnered her several awards.


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// When Aneri played the role of Saanjh in Beyhadh, a great friend of Kushal’s who secretly loved him, she showed her courage and grit. Aneri brought a lot of power to the role of Saanjh.

What made Beyhadh unique was the range Aneri played. Going from a character obsessed with the death of her boyfriend in her first scene to an unbending, nerdy teenager to a loving sister to a responsible mother and wife. And she could do it all so effortlessly.

The Gujarati actor is a fun-loving person who enjoys spending time equally with her family and friends. She was really close to her grandfather.

She is active on social media, especially Instagram, and she has over 1 million followers.


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// Awards and nominations:

Year Award Category Result

2015 Indian Telly Awards Fresh New Face (Female) Nominated

2015 Asian Viewers Television Awards Female Actor Of The Year Nominated

2022 Indian Television Academy Awards Best Actress (Popular) Nominated

DISCLAIMER: The above details are sourced from various Online reports. The website does not guarantee 100% accuracy of the figures. All images are taken from a social media account of the actors mentioned in the article.

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Air Hostess Salary In India

air hostess salary in india

In India, the salary for an air hostess can vary depending on her experience and qualifications. Generally, however, she can expect to earn a decent wage. The exact figure depends on the airline she is working for and other factors such as her position within the company. This article will take a closer look at the average salary range for air hostesses in India. We will also explore some of the benefits that come with the job. So if you are thinking about becoming an air hostess in India, read on!

What is an Air Hostess?

What is an air hostess

Air hostesses have one of the most glamorous and exciting jobs. An air hostess is a stewardess or flight attendant on an airplane. Air hostesses are responsible for the safety and comfort of passengers during a flight.

How much does an air hostess make in India?

How much does an air hostess make in India

The average air hostess salary in India is approximately ₹5, 18,700 per year. The average starting pay of an Air Hostess is ₹2, 50,600. The highest salaries can be as much as ₹10, 00,000. However, salaries may vary depending on the airline, location, and experience.

Skills needed to become an air hostess:

Air hostesses must have excellent customer service skills as they constantly interact with passengers. They must remain calm under stress and have good problem-solving skills. In addition, air hostesses must be physically fit as the job requires them to be on their feet for long periods.

The responsibilities of an air hostess:

There are different responsibilities that an air hostess has depending on the airline they work for. Still, generally, they will welcome passengers on board, help with any baggage, answer questions and help with seatbelts, give out blankets and pillows, serve food and drinks, take care of any passenger who is feeling sick or needs first Aid, show safety procedures in case of an emergency and make announcements over the intercom.

Is this a good career choice or not:

Working as an air hostess can be a rewarding and exciting experience. It offers the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world and meet new people. However, it is vital to be aware of the challenges that come with the job. These include long hours, irregular working hours, and being away from home.

What are the requirements to become an air hostess?

There are a few things you need to become an air hostess:

  1. You must be 18 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. You must pass a physical examination and obtain a valid passport.
  3. You will need to complete training at an accredited institution.

After completing all these requirements, you will be ready to start your career as an air hostess.

How many hours per week do air hostesses work?

Air hostesses in India generally work between 80 and 90 hours per week. However, a few airlines have recently operationally defined the flying hours for air hostesses to fall between 72 and 84 hours a week. The average working day for an air hostess is around 14.5 hours, which includes both flying time and time spent on the ground preparing flights and caring for passengers. There are also some night stops where the air hostesses may only have 7 or 8 hours to sleep before returning on duty.


Working as an air hostess can be an advantageous experience. It offers the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world, meet new people and help others. If you are thinking about becoming an air hostess, make sure you are aware of the challenges with the job.



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"wild stone intense ad cast"

The Wild Stone Intense Ad plot follows Isha Talwar, an executive, who is giving a presentation to her colleagues at work. She suddenly becomes aware of a pleasant aroma. She turns around, and Tahir Bhasin, another employee, walks into the meeting room.

She finds out his name from another employee and checks social networking sites to see if he is single. He accepts her friend request, and she begins to get to know him personally.

The man realizes that she’s sending a signal that she wants to connect with him, and it’s visible to everyone. They both feel uncomfortable as a result.

The company has found much success with Wild Stone Intense Ad and has generated considerable media buzz.

Isha Talwar: the most desirable woman in the Malayalam film industry in 2015, is one of the wild stone intense ad cast.

Isha Talwar Biography

The wild stone intense ad cast member Isha Talwar was born in India to Punjabi parents on December 22, 1987. She was born in Mumbai, grew up there, and went to college nearby. She graduated from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.


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// She later became a student at the dance school run by Terence Lewis in 2004 and learned to dance. She knows various dance styles, including ballet, jazz, and hip-hop.


The wild stone intense ad cast member Isha Talwar started her career as a model and gained fame appearing in TV commercials. She appeared in commercials for Pizza Hut, Pears, and Fairness Cream. Also, She endorsed a trendy paint called Dulux. She also gained fame as a result of her brand endorsements.

In 2000, she gained notice for her performance in the famous Bollywood movie Hamara Dil Aapke Pass Hai. That same year, she made her professional debut in the Malayalam movie Thattathin Marayathu.

She has also appeared in movies in Telugu, the Indian language, including Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde and Maine Pyaar Kiya, and her 2014 TV debut on the detective show Rishtey.

She first appeared in Malayalam movies, appearing in films like “I Love Balyakalasakhi and Me” in addition to “Ulsaakkka Committee” and its sequel “God’s Own Country.”

In 2013, she debuted in the Tamil language with Thillu Mullu, appearing in Meendum Oru Kadhal Kadhai and other Tamil films. She had also appeared in several Bollywood movies, including Tubelight, Crossroad, Kaalakaandi, and Article 15.

Her career in Hollywood had started with a short movie named The Restaurant Couple, where she also acted as an executive producer. A Hindi short film called Zindagi in Short and Swaaha had also featured her.

She made her television debut with a guest appearance on the television program Please Marry My Boyfriend in 2019. She also had a leading role in the movie Adventures of Shaapit. After her first appearance on video, she appeared in several popular TV shows, including Home Sweet Office and Parchhayee. She also appeared in the movie Swaha and Mirzapur Season 2.


  • Along with being part of wild stone intense ad cast, Isha Talwar has received many awards during her career. She has received the Asianet Film Award for Best Supporting Actress, Vanitha Film Award for Best Actress, and the Amrita TV Film Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

She has also received several awards in international contests, including the Asiavision Movie Award for Best Newcomer in an Acting Role and the Indian Movie Award in Malaysia for Best Debutant Actress.

She has won the Pearl Movie Award for Best Debutant Actress and the SIIMA Award for Best Female Debut. Appreciation and love also came pouring in from critics and fans.

The other member of wild stone’s intense ad cast is Tahir Bhasin.

Tahir Bhasin Biography

Actor Bhasin first hit the screen with the 2012 romantic comedy Kismat Love Paisa Dilli. He got his break when playing Sushant Singh’s sidekick in the 2019 comedy Chhichhore.

Tahir Bhasin, the wild stone intense ad cast, was born on April 21, 1987. His father is a retired officer from the Indian Air Force. His mother worked for the Confederation of Indian Industry.


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// By the time Bhasin was a teenager, he had two siblings: his younger brother is also in the aviation industry; he flies for Cathay Pacific. Bhasin’s father and grandfather served as fighter pilots in the Indian Air Force.

Tahir was a lively student. Academically, he was strong and active, and he liked painting and sports as well as theater and dance. He went to college as an undergraduate, playing basketball and associated with the theater club.

The current wild stone intense ad cast began taking acting classes when he was 13 and joined Barry John Acting School at 15.

He completed his Bachelor’s degree in political science from Hindu College, University of Delhi. He worked with Aamir Raza Hussain to produce a television program during his college days. Later, at the Mood Indigo festival on the IIT Bombay campus, he found his passion in acting by watching the play “Sadiyaan,” which he found inspiring. After the festival, he decided to follow his genuine love for acting.

After moving to Mumbai, he attended the Institute of Advanced Acting and Behavioural Studies and majored in Media.

At the age of 23, he attended the University of Melbourne, Australia, and majored in Media. Later on, he went back to India to pursue modelling assignments.


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He performed in short films for the Film and Television Institute of India in his early acting career. His first role was as “Dish Pig” in “Nero’s (2009).”

He then began doing advertisements, including ads for Samsung and Canon camera brands. In 2012, he appeared in the Bollywood film “Kismat Love Paisa Dilli” as ‘Bamby.’

from a small role in the film “Kai Po Che! (2013)” where he played ‘adult Ali Hashmi’ to his next appearance as ‘Mihir’ in the movie “One by Two (2014).”

Tahir went on to play the main character in the film “Mardaani (2014),” following which he starred in “Force 2 (2016)” and “Manto (2018).” Most recently, he appeared in “Chhichhore (2019).


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Sinple Birthday Wishes

sinple birthday wishes

A birthday is one of the most significant occasions in a person’s life. Sending special yet simple birthday wishes on their birthdays makes them feel special.

Happy Birthday wishes SMS help in making their special day more memorable. Sending simple birthday wishes through social media is a great way to wish your friends and relatives a very happy birthday.

Sending special birthday messages to friends and families through social media is a great way to wish them. You can wish them on their birthdays to make their lives more beautiful and better. You can wish for them by sharing your feelings, emotions, and happy memories with them. You can share some lovely memories as well.

Wishing a person on their birthday brings a smile to their face and makes them feel special.

The messages are simple yet effective. You can find several smart yet simple birthday messages online or can create your own. Here is a collection of simple happy birthday wishes, notes, and wishes. You can send these messages to your friends and family on their Birthday to show them how much you love and care for them.

  • Happy Birthday my love,

You give me a new reason to wake up every morning. I love you and wish you a very happy birthday.

  • Happy Birthday my darling donut,

Happiness is to be with you and grow old with you.

May this special day be great for you,

And may you have a happy and more meaningful year ahead!

  • Happy Birthday, love,

May you have the happiest day of your life,

And may you always have enough reasons to smile.

  • Happy Birthday my dear friend,

I wish you happiness, adventures, and contentment.

You are such a delightful presence and I am lucky to be your friend.

  • I have seen you go through a lot of ups and downs. But, you have never shown any signs of giving up. Happy Birthday.
  • Your friendship means a lot to me. Because of this friendship, I have learned how to love and care more. Happy Birthday.
  • To my best friend, Happy Birthday. I can’t think of another person with whom I would rather spend my birthdays!
  • You have taught me how to be a good friend, be a good song, and be a good citizen. On your Birthday, you inspire me to be a better person like you.
  • . My best friend and I have been through many ups and downs. But, we have always managed to make it through together. Happy Birthday.
  • You have been my best friend for a long time. And when I look back, I don’t remember a single day you have spent alone. Have a great birthday.
  • Ever since we have become friends, you have taught me many things. The most important of them all is how to be a good person. Happy Birthday.
  • I sometimes think that I am the luckiest person to have a friend like you. From the way you solve all my problems to how you make me feel important, may you be the happiest person on your Birthday. Have a happy birthday.
  • I can’t believe that I have passed out of school, and I can’t believe that we are already in our twenties. I have a feeling that we will have a few more birthdays together. Enjoy your special day.
  • When I look at you, I often think that you are a person who succeeds in everything you do. I wish you bountiful success on your Birthday. You deserve to be happy.
  • Birthdays are unique because they mark the passage of time. And today, you are another year older. I am happy that you were born in this world. Happy Birthday.
  • May each hour of your special day be filled with love, kindness, and blessings. Have a wonderful Birthday.
  • A Birthday is a special occasion to celebrate the beginning of another year of being a great person. I hope it will be your best year yet! Happy Birthday!
  • Let the beauty of your heart be seen in the things you do, the way you love, and the smiles you give. Happy Birthday.
  • May you have a birthday filled with love, laughter, and beautiful things.
  • Life is a party, complete with music, food, and memories. May your Birthday be filled with good food and fun memories. Happy Birthday.
  • You are special to me. I want to wish you a very happy birthday.


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Cadbury Celebrations Ad Cast



Cadbury Celebrations released a new ad for the Indian festival of Rakshabandhan. The ad was made by Ogilvy and directed by Vinil Mathew, the owner of Breathless productions.

The Cadbury celebration ad cast portrays the roles of a disabled brother and his sister.

The Cadbury celebration ad cast girl is Khushi Joshi, and her brother is characterized by the actor Abhishek Sharma.

This 40-second clip from the Cadbury celebrations Rakhis advertisement aptly illustrates the sweet and sour relationship between an older sister and her younger brother.

Cadbury Celebrations Social Message

Cadbury Celebrations partnered with Social Hardware, an organization specializing in providing assistive devices and rehabilitation services to create affordable prostheses for underserved children.

This move is expected to make a meaningful difference to children in underserved communities and help them develop their bonds with friends and family.


The device will allow them to touch things first, helping them feel more comfortable when interacting with peers.

The Cadbury brand has partnered with Social Hardware to create a do-it-yourself sensor kit to help families create technology that improves the quality of life for their loved ones with physical disabilities.

The package includes a low-cost, pre-coded Arduino-compatible board called the My First RAKHI kit. For families looking to buy this innovative solution at an affordable price, the details of the process and the organizations involved can be found on


Cadbury Ad Celebrations Ad Plot

Building on the same sentiment is Cadbury’s celebration ad that tells the story of a sister and her older brother who has limited mobility.

The brother in the Cadbury celebration ad cast, portrayed by Abhishek Sharma, wishes to feel the feeling of a rakhi tied around his wrist, so friends and family glue a rakhi to his wrist using a low-cost sensor-enabled prosthetic hand.


The brother is finally able to experience his first rakhi with the help of this device. It’s a sweet film that ends on a touching note as one of the characters says, “To feel it is the most important thing.”

Cadbury Celebrations Ad Cast

The Cadbury celebration ad girl, Khushi Joshi, is an Indian actress who has appeared in television commercials. She is known for her portrayal of Padmini in Puncch Beat. She started her career through television commercials.

Khushi Joshi Career

In addition to being a part of Cadbury Celebrations Ad Cast, Joshi also appeared in some music videos. For example, in Mere Angne Mein, he sang with singer Neha Kakkar. In the video for Loverfehmi, he joined together with Ishaan Khan and Abhinav Shekhar to sing about their love for the same girl.


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A post shared by Khushi (@khushi_joshi19)


Khushi Joshi Biography

Born on October 31, 2000, teenager Khushi Joshi earned her undergraduate degree from Universal Studio Singapore before breaking into the entertainment industry. She made her debut in the ALT Balaji web series Punch Beat.

She later appeared in the Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai television show, acting as young Anushka. The program premiered on Sony Entertainment Television.


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A post shared by Khushi (@khushi_joshi19)


She is a dancer of many forms and can hang with the best of them. She has acted in many ad films, including the Cadbury ad, Allen Solly ad, Amazon ad, and Ponds.

She also danced in many stage productions and even won the critics’ award for her stage work.

Khushi Joshi makes workout videos on Instagram in her spare time. She has a large following on the app and regularly posts videos for her fans. Her posts consist of various sports and exercises, including yoga, running, tennis, and swimming.


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Best Hairstyle For Men Oval Face

hairstyle for men oval face

If you do not have a lot of options, choosing the right hairstyles for your face shape can be difficult. Fortunately, men’s oval face hairstyles are many and fashionable. Long faces, as opposed to other face shapes like round, square, oblong, diamond, or triangular, have balanced facial features that enable a variety of haircuts, thus there is not just one hairstyle for men’s oval faces. Selecting the appropriate hairstyle for your oval face, on the other hand, will significantly improve your looks. However, because bangs can make a person’s face appear fuller, we advise males to avoid covering their foreheads with fringes.

So, here are some hairstyles for men’s oval faces that you should attempt.

Hairstyles for Men Having Oval Face

Check out these styles and cuts that manage volume and length to help you choose the best hairstyle for your oval face, whether you have straight, curly, or wavy hair.

Buzz Cut Hairstyle – Shahid Kapoor

buzz cut hairstyle for oval faced men

A buzz cut hairstyle is also known as “military cut.” A buzz cut is a short haircut since it does not completely remove your hair. Hair doesn’t curl, lay lank, or kink across the forehead, and it is fairly uniform in length. As a result, you will not have to spend as much time in front of the mirror every morning setting up the free-moving strands. Induction, burr, crew cut, flat top, butch, and high and tight are just a few of the buzz cut styles available. Bumps, scars, curvature, and lumps are all important factors to consider when determining whether or not a buzz cut is appropriate for you.

The buzz-cut haircut requires less maintenance, but it does not mean it is carefree. You should cut your hair every week to preserve the sharpness of your buzz cut. In addition, rather than using a beard trimmer, you should use a barber-grade hair clipper with attachments. In a nutshell, this hairstyle is straightforward to maintain, and it flatters people with oval faces.

Faux Hawk Hairstyle – M S Dhoni

faux hawk hairstyle for oval faced men

Faux hawk is one of the most popular hairstyles for men’s oval faces. In comparison to the top, the side cuts are short. By linking them towards the center, you can generate spikes in the top hair or give it an edgy or pointed look. If you know how to style the spikes, this haircut is basic and straightforward to do; otherwise, see a barbershop. Maintain the thinning on your sides and let the crest on the top of your head to design this haircut. To spike the crest, you can make a top with your fingers or use a comb.

Pompadour Hairstyle – Ajay Devgn

pompadour hairstyle for oval faced men

For the past few years, and still now, the pompadour has been practically ubiquitous. It seemed to have appeared out of nowhere in the second decade of the twenty-first century, according to some men. But let us go back to the 1970s, when Elvis Presley perfected the pompadour. It is worth noting that John Travolta in the 1980s and Justin Bieber today both rocked the pompadour hairstyle. There are other variations of the same pompadour, such as a fringed pompadour, a Mohawk style, and a slicked back pompadour hairdo. All a man needs to do is choose a hairstyle that compliments his hair length and characteristics.

Fringe Hairstyle – Priyanka Chopra

fringe hairstyle
Fringe haircuts are a piece of cake; they do not require a slew of procedures. Simply let your front locks crown your brow. The fringe hairstyle was associated with chick flicks and teen films during the 1980s and 1990s. The Fringe hairstyle, on the other hand, managed to break free from stereotypes and was adopted by a slew of beautiful male celebs, like Zac Efron and Chris Pine.

This hairstyle for men oval face is considered the best option nowadays and it is used by the majority of famous models and celebrities. Your front lock should be visible on your brow. The back, sides, and top must all be hidden when styling this hairdo. Then you will need hair that is two to four inches long to create a fringe.

Side Part Hairstyle – Hrithik Roshan

side part hairstyle for oval faced men

The side portion is simple to complete; it does not necessitate a great deal of time or effort. All you need to do is cut and trim your hair in a traditional and time-honored way. Your efforts to get such a haircut will repay once you notice that it gives you a sense of seriousness while also being cool. It is appropriate for both official and relaxed settings, including white-collar employment and formal celebrations.

Brush up Hairstyle – Siddharth Malhotra

brush up hairstyle for oval faced men

If your hair is between 2 and 4 inches long on top, the brushed-up hairstyle will not be a problem for you. You have probably seen a lot of guys with the brush-up hairdo because it is so popular. The hairstyle looks brushed straight up, which is not exactly old. You should keep two fading sides, like Faux Hawk and Pompadour, and at the very least trim them to italicize the top and make it unique.

Asymmetrical Hairstyle – Sonakshi Sinha

asymmetrical hairstyle

In the fashion sector, the asymmetrical hairstyle is trendy. Wavy hair is ideal for this style. It instantly changes a person’s appearance, making him appear more edgy and youthful. The greatest time to wear this style is during the winter. Casual tees with denim or a blazer are a good fit for this hairdo. This haircut can also help you look more spectacular at parties or fashion events.

Quiff Hairstyle – Abhishek Bachchan

quiff hairstyle for oval faced men

It is highly fashionable, simple to do, and gives you a classic yet professional appearance. For males with an oval face, this haircut creates a trendy look. The hair is styled into a quiff at the top with taper fade sides in this haircut. This hairstyle is similar to the pompadour yet differs somewhat, making it a unique variety. The strands are made to appear short and small all around, with a huge front side of hair. The backward side of the hair is combed and gelled to produce a quiff that lifts the look.


The most important component of a man’s overall appearance is his hairdo, which is as important as his attire. If you have an oval face, consider yourself fortunate because there are numerous haircuts for men with oval faces.

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hamam soap ad cast

Hamam soap is one of the most popular brands in India, and its advertising campaigns are extremely successful at promoting women’s empowerment.

In their recent ad campaign performed by Hamam soap ad cast of Manasvi Kottachi and Mekha Rajan, they emphasized the need for everyone to be compassionate towards others amid the pandemic.

Recently, the Hamam soap ad has been getting a lot of attention and has become popular online. Netizens are curious about the Hamam soap ad cast, so here are the details:

Hamam Soap Ad Plot:

An ad portrayed the Hamam soap ad cast of mother and daughter waiting at an intersection in a market. The mother spots two men teasing another girl.

Shyly, her daughter walked by without a reaction. This made her mother furious, who instead of allowing her daughter to be a passenger on the scooter, made her chase it as fast as she could.

At last, she advises her daughter not to be afraid of anything, since as a woman she will have to fight against many challenges. She advises her to stand up for herself, and if anyone steps out of line she should take charge and fight back.


The Hamam soap ad mother actress’s name is Mekha Rajan. Read on to find out more about her.

Mekha Rajan :


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Hamam soap ad mother actress, Mekha Rajan rose to fame through her performances in Hamam Soap advertisements. She has also appeared in various travelogs, the most popular of which are the Indru series and RPG, as well as a few others.

The mother in Hamam soap ad cast participated in the Femina Miss India pageant in 2000, and she was one of the finalists. Recently, she got trolled on the internet for smoking cigars during a photoshoot. Despite this, she continues to influence many young women.

Mekha Rajan was born to a Hindu family and raised in Tamilnadu. She is an Indian model and actor who takes joy in keeping her personal life private.


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The media knows little about her, including her birthdate or love life. Her hobbies include dancing, traveling, and listening to music.

Mekha Rajani Film Career and movies plots :

Framed (2007) :

Six college students try to play a prank on their Dean, but when the Dean ends up dead, they become the prime suspects. To clear their names, the students need to figure out what really happened.

Ave Maria (2018) :

Rex lived in Velankanni, where he worked as a driver and met Maria, a devout woman in the most unlikely of circumstances. After meeting each other several times and spending time together, she encourages him to take on some odd jobs for her. He reluctantly agrees and as they continue to meet he grows fond of her and decides to change his way of life entirely.

Bioscope (2008) :

Bioscope, which takes place in the early years of the 20th century, tells the story of history as it enters the lives and memories of those alive at this time.A story about villagers becoming mute from colonization and slavery and entering a new vision through a new machine, the bioscope. The story of Diwakaran’s rise starts when he acquires a bioscope. Divakaran buys the machine and plans only to entertain his village friends. However, he ends up becoming superstitious about it.

The Hamam soap ad daughter’s name is Manasvi Kottachi. Read on to learn more about her.

Manasvi Kottachi:

The Hamam soap ad daughter, Manasvi Kottachi is a 10-year-old, Indian child actress who appears in Malayalam and Telugu movies. Her father is Kottachi, a comedian. Her mother’s name is Anjali. She first appeared in the 2018 movie Imaikka Nodigal.


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Manasvi Kottachi Film Career:

The daughter in Hamam soap ad cast, Manasvi Kottachi started her career when she was chosen to play Nayanthara’s daughter in Imaikkaa Nodigal (2018). She gained popularity before starring in Lyca Productions’ Suttu Pidikka Utharavu (2019).

In My Santa (2019), she played one of the lead roles along with Dileep, and she also starred in Darbar (2020). She went on to star in several other films. She will star in the horror movie Kanmani Pappan which will be directed by Sree Mani.

Manasvi Kottachi Awards:

  • 2018: Imaikkaa Nodigal by Edison Awards won the Best Child Artist
  • 2018: Imaikkaa Nodigal by Tecnofes Awards won the Best Child Artis
  • 2019: My Santa by Studio One Star Icon Annual Award’s won the Best Child Artist
  • 2019: My Santa by KalaBhavan Mani Memorial Awards won the Best Child Artis
  • 2020: Iruttu by Vikatan Awards Nominated for Best Child Artist
  • 2022: Paramapadham Vilayattu by Edison Awards Nominated for Best Child Artist


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Horlicks Ad Cast

horlicks ad cast - girija oak

Horlicks Ad Cast

The Horlicks Ad Cast actress is Girija Oak. To learn more about Horlicks & Girija Oak, read through the summary of Girija Oak in the overview that follows.

What is Horlicks

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) first manufactured Horlicks as an infant formula. Still, it soon became popular among travellers.


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The drink was advertised for its nutritional value, as it contained vitamins and other healthful properties. It was produced in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and Jamaica.

The Horlicks brand is now owned by Unilever via their Indian division. In the U.K, Aimia Foods controls the brand.

Girija Oak Biography

Girija Oak did her schooling at Kamala Nehru Memorial Girls High School, Mumbai. Girija Oak graduated from Mithibai College, and later she did her master’s degree in commerce from Mithibai College.


Girija received a business degree from her university and taught accounting until she was discovered by a local acting school. She joined an acting class and began acting in commercials.

The first Marathi TV show where the actress played an actor was Zee Marathi’s Lajja. In addition to starring, she also worked on the set as the production coordinator. The show featured Piyush Ranade, Tejaswini Pandit, and Mukta Barve.

Girija Oak Career

Girija Oak started her career in 2006, and she has played in several television serials and films. In 2006, she made her debut in the movie “Matatto,” and she has also done the film called “Akasha Gange.”

In 2006, Girija Oak made her television debut in “Mera Desh Mera Dharam” on Zee Marathi. Later she went to play the role of Aanchal on “Shubh Vivah” on Star Plus.

She played the part of Manaswini Desai (Manu) in Unplanned Action’s action film, which had a CID investigator named Akash Ketkar as its leading man. The film was a huge hit, and her performance was greatly loved.

Girija Oak is a tall model. She is 5’6″ (167 centimetres) tall and weighs around 58 kilograms. On top of that, she is committed to staying in shape. Girija Oak has a balanced and healthy routine. She takes her body and appearance into consideration.

Girija Oak is a daughter of the late Girish Oak, who was a noted Marathi actor and Marathi author. On December 27th, 1987, in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

She has one younger half-sister, Durga Oak, a film director. She is married to Suhrud Godbole.

Her son is named Kabir Godbole. He is a Marathi film director, writer, and actor. Her father-in-law is a film director and writer Shrirang G. Godbole. Her mother-in-law, who married into the family, is actress Mrinmayee Godbole.


Horlicks Ad Cast Social Media

If you’re a Horlicks Ad Actress Girija Oak fan, follow her on social networks to see the latest images and videos. On these platforms, you will find the latest updates on her life and get to know many things about her.

Girija Oak at Instagram-@girijaoakgodbole

Girija Oak on Twitter — @GirijaOak

More about Horlicks Cast Member Girija :

Additionally, to being the Horlicks Ad Actress, she’s an incredibly skilled dancer trained in various solo dances typically performed by women.

Her family has hosted a variety of ballets and other dancing performances in the past, and many of her friends were professional dancers. Girija Oak started acting professionally in Bollywood films. She had the opportunity to work in Don Special, where she played a leading role.

After working on a few Marathi projects, she decided to try her hand at television for the first time by playing Manu on Lajja. The TV show was directed by Suhrud Godbole. IME Motion Pictures is a production company led by Suhrud Godbole.

Girija looked over the “Ladies Special” script and sat down with Vipul D. Shah to talk about the show. She realised that the idea for the show was unique and exciting, so she decided to star in it.


On “Ladies Special,” a famous Indian primetime television show, three performers are playing the roles of the leading characters.

Girija Oak has noted that she was initially reluctant to appear because the lead character was so different from herself.

She said that her interest was piqued when she noticed that Indian viewers were growing more interested in supernatural-themed shows. ”

She also played Meghana Nakade in the Sony Entertainment Television show “Ladies Special,”.

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Which Actor Is Known As A Real Hero In India?

 Which Actor Is Known As A Real Hero In India?

Actor Sonu Sood is Known as the Real Hero In India

While talking about India, several actors are famous all across the World. Even though all those are having a  fan following. But who is the best actor among all of those? Today, here in this post, we will discuss who is the real hero in India? If you are a lover of such actors, then you must read the post below.

Things that make Sonu Sood a real hero

After the first phase of the Coronavirus, we have learned a lot of things and it has made us learn about humanity, and many celebrities have come to help the needy during those days. And one of those people is Sonu Sood, he is among those actors, who have helped people during the toughest days of their life. Sonu Sood always plays a negative role in his movies, but during that time he has proved that he is such a great person. 



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When 21 days of lockdown were imposed across the country, then migrant labourers stuck across the different parts of the country, then they started moving to their native city without food and water. During that day, Sonu Sood helped them. He is the only actor who has arranged buses, food for them, and makes them reunite along with their families.

Besides this, he has also helped poor families in Andhra Pradesh, while gifting them a tractor. He has also helped a woman from Pune in opening her school. And after this, people have started calling him Messiah. He has also participated in a number of activities related to social welfare. His presentation book, which stays untitled, will hit the shelves under the aegis of Ebury Publishing and Vintage Publishing, Penguin Random House and will archive his salvage missions.


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He is the one, who has also helped girls from Kerala, who got stuck due to cyclone. He helped them in arranging an Air India flight. After this, his fans have started giving him recognition like Shushma Swaraj, as she also helped people in difficult situations.

According to the reports, Sonu Sood helped people with the help of social media, where he has helped such people in finding jobs for them. Moreover, he has also helped people in covid-19 injections. With his brilliant work, Sonu Sood has inspired people all across the Country. One of his fans, from Telangana, has walked for around 700km to meet Sonu Sood. Moreover, the actor has spent some time with him, while inviting him to his house.


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