Which Actor Is Known As A Real Hero In India?

 Which Actor Is Known As A Real Hero In India?

Actor Sonu Sood is Known as the Real Hero In India

While talking about India, several actors are famous all across the World. Even though all those are having a  fan following. But who is the best actor among all of those? Today, here in this post, we will discuss who is the real hero in India? If you are a lover of such actors, then you must read the post below.

Things that make Sonu Sood a real hero

After the first phase of the Coronavirus, we have learned a lot of things and it has made us learn about humanity, and many celebrities have come to help the needy during those days. And one of those people is Sonu Sood, he is among those actors, who have helped people during the toughest days of their life. Sonu Sood always plays a negative role in his movies, but during that time he has proved that he is such a great person. 



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When 21 days of lockdown were imposed across the country, then migrant labourers stuck across the different parts of the country, then they started moving to their native city without food and water. During that day, Sonu Sood helped them. He is the only actor who has arranged buses, food for them, and makes them reunite along with their families.

Besides this, he has also helped poor families in Andhra Pradesh, while gifting them a tractor. He has also helped a woman from Pune in opening her school. And after this, people have started calling him Messiah. He has also participated in a number of activities related to social welfare. His presentation book, which stays untitled, will hit the shelves under the aegis of Ebury Publishing and Vintage Publishing, Penguin Random House and will archive his salvage missions.


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He is the one, who has also helped girls from Kerala, who got stuck due to cyclone. He helped them in arranging an Air India flight. After this, his fans have started giving him recognition like Shushma Swaraj, as she also helped people in difficult situations.


According to the reports, Sonu Sood helped people with the help of social media, where he has helped such people in finding jobs for them. Moreover, he has also helped people in covid-19 injections. With his brilliant work, Sonu Sood has inspired people all across the Country. One of his fans, from Telangana, has walked for around 700km to meet Sonu Sood. Moreover, the actor has spent some time with him, while inviting him to his house.


DISCLAIMER: The above details are sourced from various Online reports. The website does not guarantee 100% accuracy of the figures. All images are taken from a social media account of the actors mentioned in the article.

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